TUSKER PROJECT FAME 5 – Dear Contestants,

Is it a singing or crying contest? Were the contestants really ready? Did the program come to early this year? Are the wrong contestants in the Academy? Is the fear for judge Ian taking its toll on contestants?…….Something is really  not OK.

Thanks to the East African Breweries Ltd for continuous sponsoring of Tusker Project Fame over the years. A contestant who emerges top wins a tax free Ksh. 5Million, a breath taking recording deal with the prestigious Universal Recordings and numerous other personal benefits. But honestly, the performance of this season is way below the bar set by previous contestants.

Are the current too emotional? or does  the ‘fear’ of Judge Ian is taking a serious toll on them? I do believe that Ian is the best analyst any serious panel should have. He literally calls a spade a spade and is realistic. He is the type of guy who does not practise the language of chameleon. He represents the desired ‘perfectism’ desired out of the contestants.  He equally blends well with Judge Hermis and lovely Juliana to present a world-class judging panel. Sincerely, they have never failed us.

Dr.Mitch and Sheila are way ahead of their peers. At some point, you might confuse and think that they are the top contestants in the academy. I have a feeling that Sheila should be out of Radio waves and be out in the public eye…this is where she belongs. To the faculty headed by the Principal all the way to the Band leader, my observation is one word…EXCELLENT. But then, the main focus goes back to the contestants. They are the real reason for the show. They seriously need motivational training. They should know that life is a game of choices and that you cannot be liked by everyone all the time. They should learn how to confront the uncomfortable moments in life without necessarily shading tears.

There are literally in a game  but luckily, this is the only game where they have a chance live with their ‘opponents’ under the same roof and watch each others  preparation towards the final game. Life rarely presents such gifts to people. They have the best environment, the best trainers and the best facilities to accomplish their dreams. At the end of the day, they should be all winners with just one person representing their achievements. Once they learn this secret, then perhaps we can see a shift in their performance. They should be reminded how lovely and handsome all of them are and equally endowed with heaven-like voices. A good number of the public are looking towards them as mentors and they should strive to maintain high standards.

Dear Contestants,

Am constantly touched by seeing most of you shading tears over issues that are sincerely under your control. What does this relay to your parents, families, friends and even the audience following the show on a daily basis? That perhaps you are suffering. It is not what we expect from you guys. Please be happy and enjoy life while at the academy. It will not last forever but it is an experience that should shape your entire life. You are all rightfully at the academy and should never be intimidated by any anyone. Always remember that millions of people started this same journey but you outpaced them and are now at the final stage of finishing the race.

While at the academy, kindly know that you are our representatives. You guys represent values and aspirations of the majority of youths in the world. That’s why I believe there is no adult in the academy. Equally, you represent the divergent cultures from our different countries. Your presence and life at the academy should be a demonstration to the countries you represent for the need to embrace togetherness.

Be strong and of good cheer. Life is short and do not hold back whatever makes you happy. Each performance takes roughly four minutes. It is the four minutes that determines whether you continue staying in the academy or out of the academy. Give it all your best. Do not hold back anything. We believe you guys are all great and have lovely voices. That is the time to show it. It is usually a one time opportunity.  Therefore Go go go go ………………. However should time come for anyone of you to leave the academy do not forget about the life and the lessons learnt at the academy.  Life is not all about winning. Sometimes you loose but of importance is using the lessons learnt to better your life in the future.

Thank you guys for your sacrifices which has enabled us be glued to the TVs each and every time the show airs; each and every day of the week. Good luck guys


The Local Watchman

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